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Your Tenancy

If you are renting a property through Osprey Initiatives, you will have a Short Assured Tenancy (or SAT). This is the most common type of tenancy in the Private Rented Sector.

If you and your partner (or housemate) have a joint tenancy agreement, you will all have exactly the same rights and responsibilities. This means you are all equally responsible for paying the rent and keeping to the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Your Landlord

On your tenancy agreement, it will state who your landlord is. Osprey Initiatives is the letting agent for a number of affordable home landlords. We also operate a number of our on stock. All our landlords are registered with the local council.

Ending Your Tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy at the six month point or after, you need to give two months written notice as of the lease end date. If you are not sure what is your lease end date, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01224 548008.


A deposit that you have paid will be placed within a government license tenancy deposit scheme. Osprey Initiatives currently use Safe Deposit Scotland. For further information, please visit them at


All rents are collected in advance, on or before the first of each month. This is usually collected by Direct Debit. If you have any issues with paying your rent, you should immediately contact us for advice.


At the beginning of a tenancy, an inventory is taken of the property and its’ condition. This will be used in the conclusion of the tenancy to prove any damages above and beyond fair wear and tear.


The Landlord will be responsible for insuring the building. This will not cover the occupants own belongings, so they are advised to get their own contents insurance.

Alterations to your home

If you wish to carry out any alterations to your home or garden, you must first receive written permission from Osprey Initiatives. You can call the office to request a copy of the permissions to be posted to you.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.


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